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Broadcaster gives you the traffic info your listeners need to hear.

Radiate Media’s Broadcaster helps radio traffic reporters easily construct reports using real-time, robust traffic content. With the touch of a few buttons, the traffic reporter has access to real-time traffic data powered by Radiate Media and various Departments of Transportation across the country.
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Take the valuable traffic information your listeners get on the air with Broadcaster, put it online and make it mobile. With TrafficOne radio broadcasters get pre-configured, white label web and app solutions that allow for the seamless integration of mapping, routing, search and commute management tools on the web and on mobile devices.
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With Radiate Media’s MarketPlace, media partners can become local hubs for consumers looking to access businesses in their community. MarketPlace provides local information for your website that makes discovering and utilizing local businesses easier than ever.
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Radio affiliates, become a Radiate360 partner and begin generating new and ongoing revenue right in your own market. Radiate360 is an all-in-one, turnkey solution designed to help you engage with and win more clients within your local business community.
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